My 1st Year-end Party @ Trivia Night

Club 300 is hosting its second annual “Trivia Night” on Thursday, November 14th, 5:30 p.m. in Lewis Hall. All proceeds support emergency services at Methodist Hospital. Gather your team of know-it-alls or join other participants for an evening of dinner, libations, arcane facts, useless bits of pop culture, general sports, movie and other fun facts, and trivia bragging rights! Who will take home the “turkey leg” award, maybe it will be you!

It was a funny and meaningful event as our year-end dinner party at Lewis Hall, Methodist Hospital of Southern California in Arcadia, California.






Smiling with Gloria after my first raffle Winning Award, J-Riesling Medium Sweet, produced in 2017 by Pacific Rim Wine, Columbia Valley, Washington.


Gloria is a girl who can do anything for us whenever we need her with a gentle smile and professional manner at any fund raising events for the MH Foundation’s 300 Club. She is ubiquitous and almighty!



Wash your hands
and USE UnaSOL to keep your body safe and clean.


UnaSOL, the Germ and Odor Terminator and King of Cellphone Cleaners.

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