Outside is important as much as Inside

Well made Outside containers can protect Inside valuables in perfect condition.

UnaSOL Bottles are >

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Specially made Plastic Spray Bottles 2 – 4 Oz Amber Fine Mist Atomizer Bottles

Here’s the story >

UnaSOL spray bottles made of PET plastic virgin, safe for multiple uses; BPA free. These amber brown Cosmo oval bottles protects fragrance oils and disinfectant cleaners from changing chemistry by shielding out sun while providing a rustic apothecary look. Use your imagination to make these bottles cute with your custom labels and wrap. Available in either 4 oz (120 ml) size; or 2 oz (60 ml). Made in the USA and passed OSHA standards considered free of hazardous chemicals; excellent scuff and impact resistant with a high stiffness factor.

Each set includes 50 matching 20/410 fine mist spray black plastic tops with dip tube and clear plastic protection cap. We’ve been using these bottles and spray tops for years; love them, produces a nice fine mist. Note spray top dip tubes are standard length & cut to fit this size bottle easily with sharp household scissors.


Bottle Type: Amber PET Plastic Virgin Cosmo Oval Style
Empty Weight 1 ounce (30 grams)
Made in the USA Recycle # 1
Fine Mist Sprayer, Black Top With Clear Protective Cap & Opaque Dip Tube. Size 20/410 fits either size. Cut end of dip tube with common household scissors to length needed.

2 Ounce (60 ml) size:
Total height with cap measures 5” (12.7 cm) tall by 1 5/8” (4.1 cm) wide 1″ (2.54 cm) deep
Best shrink wrap fit 65×55 for complete tamper proof or 40×40 to prevent only mist cap removal; allows buyers to unscrew top for sniffing

4 Ounce (120 ml) size:
Total height with cap measures 6” (15.24 cm) tall by 2” (5.08 cm) wide 1 1/4″ (2.87 cm) deep
Best shrink wrap fit 80×55 for complete tamper proof or 40×40 to prevent only mist cap removal; allows buyers to unscrew top for sniffing

Resistance Factors:

Fragrance Oil up to 10%
Essential Oil up to 3%
pH up to 7
pH greater than 7: Fair
Good For Alcohol & Mineral Oils
Good Protection Against Sunlight & Cold
Sustains Medium Heat

A message from the maker of those beautiful bottles >

The Country Folk Soap Story

Thirty years of the rat race was enough.

With the kids married, college bills paid off; it was time to leave life in the city behind and start living our lives, our way. In 2008 we sold our home in NJ, found our dream camp in Maine. I (that’s me, Sue, nice to meet ‘ya) started making handmade oatmeal goat milk soap because I have eczema, thus sensitive, dry skin. Then I made shea butter soap, added fragrances, body butter, lotion and my passion turned into Country Folk Soap. Each item in my line is tested on me thus passing the litmus test of being moisturizing for dry and normal skin types.

My hubby, Geoffrey is my original ‘Dirty White Boy’ & sounding board for silly new product names, hope they make you giggle. Recently retired COO of his moving business and happy to leave the heavy lifting behind to help with prep, clean up and shipping.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story.

J –


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