Two Messages from My Tocayo Jay Cruz and Bill Gates today

Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz

He was so happy to talk with ByungWook, our Editor in Chief, on KaTalk Phone this afternoon at my home.


ByungWook Park in the upper middle, perhaps spring 1980, Seoul, Korea, TaeSup Yoon (upper left) who passed away in Vancouver BC, Canada, in 2010, and KyungHo Cho (upper right)


Jay Cruz really wants to meet all of you guys of PorUnaCabeza.Blog writers sometime next year summer to join our Harley Davidson with RV trips across continental USA, including Alaska to catch 300 lbs halibuts and king salmon.

cropped-me_1.jpg > Jay Chung, Blog Administrator, Lives in Arcadia, California, USA




Another message I got from Bill Gates today >


May 31, 2019 | The Insider Edition

Gates Notes Insider exclusive: my trip to Omaha
By Bill Gates
During my annual visits to the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meetings, Warren Buffett and I always try to find some time to take a break and have some fun together in Omaha. Over the years we’ve played ping pong, competed in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper toss, reminisced about golfing and bridge, driven around in a golf cart, tested mattresses at a furniture store, and visited a candy shop.
This year I’m giving Gates Notes Insiders an early peek at how Warren and I goofed off this year. Yes, it involved sweets.
My trip to Omaha
You can read more about our adventures—and watch a video of our day here.
Hope you have a great summer!

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